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Medway Youth Council

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 Luke Morgan MYP

Yo, I'm Luke Morgan the UKYP (United Kingdom Youth Parliament) representative for Medway North. I was originally elected as a Deputy Member of Youth Parliament in October 2015 but it was promoted in January to a Member of Youth Parliament. I want to give a voice to all who do not have one! I will fight for what local people want and stand behind your views. I was originally elected to fight for Healthy Schools and for Mental health provisions for young people; as both as these things are close to my heart. I chose to be involved with the Health School campaigns as I have witnessed many time when the provisions in my and my peers schools when food has been sub-standard and not at all healthy. I also chose to support the mental health campaign as it came highly in the Make Your Mark Ballot and people who are close to me have suffered severely with mental health conditions. This has made me want to fight for their right, provision and mainly reducing the stigma of mental health. My over arching campaign is the wellbeing of other weather that be mental or physical. This will allow everyone in Medway and surrounding area t to have a higher standard of life and to make the nation more expecting and open to those who do not fit the social norms. Within my term I hope to make a lasting change on the world we live in and to allow everyone that is touched my what I, nay WE, will achieve to live a happier and better life.

Philip McCue

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Alden Aileru 

My role within UKYP is being deputy rep where I'm representing young people Medway at a national level. I hope to fulfil my role as deputy rep followed by my goals by focusing on the campaign the 'Living Wage for all'. The main reason, why I'm focusing on this particular campaign I because I fell just like many others that young people voices need to be projected. Equally important that young people just like myself; believe that at a working age, you should have the right to earn enough money to live off at the age of 16 but still the minimum wage clearly does not provide that for us young people of today.Hence the face that if you are 16 to 17 years of age the minimum wage is just as little as 3 .79p per hour despite that adults over the age of 20 earn 6.70 per hour as well as 18 to 20 years old working class earn 5 . 13p to 5. 30p per hour. These figures simply implie that the older you are the more money you earn. Could any citizen live on just as little as 3. 79 per hour create the best of living that us young people deservse. When in fact there is clearly only a 2 year difference between 16 and 18 years of age, yet 18 year olds earn more money just because they are older! Is that what we won't, is that fair. The only way we will be able to equal to everyone else is if we have the right to vote and earn the same amount of money to someone that's the age of 18 and above. Is that right in today's society just because they are older than you they should earn more money than you.This is why I'm determine to ensure that the young people of today get the Living wage that they deserve.

Pamela Agyapong 

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Outgoing Members

Maxine Gachoka

My name is Maxine and I am one of two UK Youth Parliament Representatives for Medway. This is a very fulfilling use of my time, as it means that I can campaign for the things which young people really care about in my local area. In order to do so, in September 2014 the UK Youth Parliament organised the distribution of the 'Make your Mark' ballot papers within schools in all across the country in order to determine what our campaign over the next year would be. Over 4000 ballot papers were distributed and collected across Medway, which means that 4000 young people participated in the decision making-process, and all their opinions were listened to!

The national campaign this year is the Living Wage campaign, which encourages local councils all over the country to pay all their staff the living wage rather than the minimum wage. This would mean that more people would be able to afford to live, rather than just survive, therefore their quality of life would improve. I have had meetings with local councillors in order to increase awareness for campaign, as well as to encourage local decision-makers to take an active interest in what young people in Medway want. I hope to have a positive impact in my local community by getting more young people engaged in politics, as the decisions made today will affect their future!

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